How it Works?


The SynPhNe Learning Model draws from the scientific principles of developmental biology and neuroscience as well as practice principles of yoga and martial arts. It highlights that moderation and balance of electrical activity in the brain and muscle is an important pre-requisite or "bridge" between one’s internal learning and the effect they physically manifest to the external world.

The learning model facilitates a close integration of mind and body in real-time, by enhancing the coupling of attention and muscle co-ordination as an easy, practical method to enhance neuroplasticity. It develops a capability to relax quicker and deeper, helping manage several health risk factors and improve quality of life. In this way, it promotes better performance and quicker learning at lower stress levels.

We combine modern technology and rhythm techniques to bring you to a new level of health! People’s lives revolve around several rhythms -sleeping and waking, working and resting, eating and digesting, burning and synthesizing proteins, inhaling and exhaling, and so on. These rhythms deeply influence our health, well-being and happiness. Some of these rhythms are obvious while some, notably heart, muscle and brain rhythms, are invisible to most of us. These subtle, invisible rhythms impact our more obvious rhythms dramatically.

Knowing how to self-regulate the subtle rhythms is, therefore, the foundation of self-managed health. The SynPhNe technology makes this easier by using the language of bio-signals which is universal.


Simplicity is the basic principle on which the SynPhNe device is based. It is not just useful in Post Stroke Therapy, but also improves the Quality of Life of the patient. The best part about SynPhNe is that it can be carried anywhere and can be administered even by a non medical person.

The SynPhNe device consists of 2 Gears—The HEAD GEAR which transmits EEG signals from the Brain, and the ARM GEAR which transmits EMG signals from the Muscle, thus making the brain and muscle work as ONE SYSTEM.

The readings can be viewed on a Laptop/ Computer Screen/ Tablet and hence the recovery can be monitored using the data from the 2 GEARS.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to monitor
  • App-based software
  • User-friendly UI & UX
  • Convenient to carry


SynPhNe improves hand function upto 70% within 6-8 weeks, as compared to ability of the person at the time of joining the program.

SynPhNe can be used to train cognition and balance for some categories of brain-muscle dysfunction.

SynPhNe helps children with learning difficulties read, comprehend and write better within 8 weeks.

SynPhNe enhances a person’s movement and cognitive ability by mimicking how babies learn.