Overview to Stroke

Worldwide, Stroke is the second most common cause for mortality after Coronary Heart Disease. While it is the single-biggest cause for adult disability, people over 55 are at very high risk of getting a Stroke in their lifetime. Currently, this risk is estimated to be 1 in 5 for Women and 1 in 6 for Men in India.

People affected by Stroke

20% Women

16% Men

The incidence of Stroke has been increasing by over 100% since 1979 and is quite alarming. Smoking, Alcohol Use, less nutritious diet, physical inactivity leading to high blood pressure etc. are some of the causes that lead to increased risk of stroke and cardio vascular diseases.

Some of the common types of Stroke are Ischaemic Stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke and Transient Ischaemic attack.

Source: Fifty years of Stroke researches in India, NCBI; Heart disease and Stroke statistics 2018 update: A report from the American Heart Association.

Overview of SynPhNe

SynPhNe is the world's first connected wearable solution that trains brain and muscle as ONE system. It helps restore hand function and diginity after Stroke.

In simple words, SynPhNe teaches you how to communicate with your body and mind. It utilizes human intuitions and sensory stimulation to make you aware of all that your mind-body system already knows, during the recovery post stroke.

SynPhNe is very useful for people suffering from Hemorrhagic Stroke, Ischaemic Stroke, and Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA).

What are the benefits?

SynPhNe is the world’s first medical device that personalizes the post-treatment therapy for faster and fuller recovery of the patients suffering from any symptom of Stroke. This not only helps improve the patient’s quality of life tremendously, but also helps save time, money & effort significantly.

The Personalized SynPhNe Learning Method involves:

Brain and body trained as ONE system to improve coordination

Easy to use, can be administered at home

Designed to improve lifestyle rather than just exercise

Save patient’s time, cost and importantly risk of injury

Save doctor's time by 50% using SynPhNe data

Saves physiotherapy time by up to 50%

How does it benefit?

The biggest benefit SynPhNe provides its users, is their Independence.

This independence is achieved by improving their abilities to perform small day-to-day activities.

Enhances Independence

  • Assists and enables in performing activities of daily living, manipulate objects and engage in creative tasks independently
  • Aids better fatigue and relaxation management

Get Better & Faster Outcomes

Real-time brain & muscle feedback allows patient to:

  • Intuitively subdue undesirable brain-muscle responses
  • Stay motivated as they watch and track their own progress in real-time.

Enjoy Greater Convenience

  • Portable wearable design allows training anytime, anywhere

Personalized, Just for the patient

  • Therapy routines are tailored to suit patient’s needs and pace.

Support to Care Givers

SynPhNe takes the load off the shoulders of the caregivers, quite literally. All they need to do is monitor, as the patients can interact with the device on their own. This gives the care giver what they want most – personal time and space.

Enjoy Greater Convenience

  • Portable wearable design allows training anytime, anywhere.

Get Better & Faster Outcomes

  • Help the patient become more independent in a realistic environment such as your very own home.

Care Better, Love Better

  • Track patient progress and compliance via web.

Your Health is Important, Too!

  • Use SynPhNe Device for your own stress and relaxation management too!

Physicians & Therapists

SynPhNe is most useful for physicians and therapists, as it helps enhance their performance on the patient - with tangible and quicker results.

Deliver Better Quality Care

  • Get insights into what is hampering patient performance in the brain and muscle.
  • Create personalized therapy sessions for each patient according to his/her own needs, capability and pace.
  • Validate quality of therapy exercises done at home by the patient remotely using data captured by the SynPhNe device.

Deliver More Effective & Efficient Care

  • With SynPhNe, therapist will be able to supervise several patients simultaneously while focusing more on patients who need personal attention the most!


  • SynPhNe is the latest invention in the field of Medical Science. Hence, it’s a must-have for every Physician looking to deliver better quality of life to their patients.