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Help Stroke patients rehab fast.

Recover your cost faster.

SynPhNe is medical breakthrough technology that helps Stroke Patients to recover and lead independent lives.

So if you have retail experience in hospitality or any other retail / customer facing business like Automobile, Consumer Durable etc and are looking for an opportunity to grow with an organization of international repute, then SynPhNe is the one you have been waiting for.

Some Key Facts

  • Space needed

    500 – 700 sq. ft.

  • Investment

    Rs. 60 – 70 Lakhs

  • RoI

    In 2 years or less

  • Net Margin

    15% net

  • Model

    Franchisee Owned. Franchisee Operated

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Key Highlights:

  • SynPhNe device will help patients recover & rehab faster, therapists to monitor the progress and physicians to keep track of the patients.
  • SynPhNe can be used at the hospital, therapy centre or even at home.
  • SynPhNe will train the staff at each franchisee owned SynPhNe Care center on handling the device, being sensitive to patient needs and care-giver needs.
  • SynPhNe will work with the franchisee on institutional therapy arrangements, identifying Therapists for the centre etc.
  • SynPhNe will drive patient walk-ins through Above the line and Below the line communication, hospital & clinician tie-ups and more.