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Let SynPhNe come home -
To get you out of home

SynPhNe, the device is so versatile and mobile it can be used anywhere, anytime. If the patient feels comfortable at home, our Therapists will visit the patient at home for the therapy. After all, familiar environment leads to faster recovery. Our therapists assess, diagnose and develop a tailor-made treatment plan using the SynPhNe device for each and every patient depending on the type and severity of their condition.

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Designed to fast track your independence

SynPhNe is in the process of opening several therapy centres in all the major cities of India. The first of such centres has been opened in Mumbai. All our SynPhNe Care centres are designed to provide the patient utmost comfort. While at the same time have all facilities to provide effective therapy. The patients will have the privacy that they desire and the attention they deserve at all times. The sessions are usually of 1 hour duration.

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